Homework 1: Kafka’s Context – The Family Unit

Due: Friday 4th November (in your Drama book)

Now that we have finished our reading of Metamorphosis, we can begin to explore the world of the text in more detail.

Our first focus is considering what Kafka, the original author of the novel, might be trying to communicate about the relationships contained within the family unit. One of the most pertinent questions the text/s ask us is:

How are we affected by the family unit that surrounds us?

In order to understand this, we must begin to consider how the CONTEXT within which the text was constructed might affect our understanding of the deeper meaning of the play.

The homework below asks you to explore the context of Franz Kafka and to consider how his own experiences might be present within it.

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Working Record Guidance

Below you will find all the guidance you need to complete your Drama in the Making working record.

At this stage, your record should contain 4 separate sections:

  • Introduction
  • Item 1 – Group Improvisation
  • Item 2 – Script, Monologue or Duologue
  • Item 3 – Design Idea

You should complete all missing sections in your google document over the next 2 weeks.

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Unit 1 – GCSE Assessment Deadlines and Tasks

Below you will find an updated task sheet and assessment deadlines for the upcoming GCSE Drama assessments. You should be utilizing both class time and homework time to prepare for these assessments.

A gentle reminder that the combined weighting of this assessment is 30% of your overall grade for GCSE.

Remember, absence for any presentation may result in a mark of 0 for that component – not only for you but for your group.

The closing deadline for your written Working Record will be 30th June.

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Session 1 – Refugee Fathers and Refugee Sons – Objectives, Counter-Objectives and Tension


Lesson Overview:

This lesson asks you to create a series of improvisations that explore the typical experiences of a young person and how this differs from the experiences of a young refugee.

Throughout the session we will seek to answer the question:

How can a refugee father protect his refugee child?

Key Skill Developed:

Using objectives and counter-objectives to create tension  in an improvisation.

Your groups for this lesson:

Gabriel and Henry B

Dylan and Ibby

Andre and Jamal

Courtney C and Henry W

Lis and Billy

Oscar and Arbaz

Corey and Juan-David

Joseph and Tiannie

Kyro and Jameel

Tyrese and Courtney S

Turkay and Zak

Ashan and TBC

Thoughts from the session: